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windows Commmand line command to copy entire directory including directory folder to another directory Super User.
grawity Nov 2 10 at 2052.: @grawity: The likelihood of him actually using 16-bit DOS is very small compared to the high probability of him calling CMD DOS, as is common in the real world. paradroid Nov 3 10 at 831.: add a comment. up vote 7 down vote. Use ROBOCOPY if you're' creating backup scripts. xcopy has been deprecated and will likely be phased out of use in the near future. robocopy can do everything xcopy can. It is also more flexible and reliable. Creating scripts with robocopy will future-proof them. Use robocopy to easily copy folders.
How to copy a directory or folder.
How to copy a directory to another drive. xcopy ctest: dtest.: In the above example, the test" directory on the C: drive would copy to the test" directory on the D: drive. How to use the Window command line DOS.

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Commande DOS: copie récursive Windows Software FORUM
Auteur Sujet: Commande DOS: copie récursive. Posté le 10-04-2002 à 110118: Bonjour., je ne suis pas hyper familier avec les commandes DOS. je fais un BAT qui doit copier un repertoire mais il ne copie pas les répertoires contenus par ce répertoire.
In DOS, how do you copy files recursively? Quora.
Why are my files not booting in dos? How we copy the file in DOS and what is command in DOS? How many versions of MS-DOS? How do I recursively unzip a file in windows? Is Windows still based on DOS?
Batch file to copy directories recursively Stack Overflow.
You may write a recursive algorithm in Batch that gives you exact control of what you do in every nested subdirectory.: @echo off call treeProcess: goto eof: treeProcess: rem Do whatever you want here over the files of this subdir, for example: copy.
xcopy Handy tool on windows.
by Alex Hubner on 12/09/2003 at 61329: PM UTC. Years ago in DOS days there was a program called XTREEGOLD which was i think a visual UI for xcopy? by Scott M Barnes on 12/09/2003 at 91541: PM UTC. Speaking of XtreeGold.have a look at Ztree. by Fabian Crabus on 12/10/2003 at 45122: AM UTC. Can you suggest a way to copy a structure like this' a direc called Test having a subdirectory Test1.
Copy récursive by maelys31 OpenClassrooms.
Sous dos" xcopy ca. /s/e/y copie tout les fichiers et sous-répertoires contenus dans ca: dans le répertoire cb: avec les sous-répertoires y compris vides et sans confirmation. cp r /a /b créé un sous répertoire /b/a contenant les fichiers et répertoires de /a.
Copy directory from command line.
Windows Command Line. A-Z Windows Commands, Batch files, Dos and PowerShell. Copy directory from command line. Windows has two command line utilities to copy files/directories from command line. Copy command can be used to copy files from one folder to another folder.

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