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deep copy
language agnostic What is the difference between a deep copy and a shallow copy? Stack Overflow.
Shallow copy works fine when dynamic memory allocation is not involved because when dynamic memory allocation is involved then both objects will points towards the same memory location in a heap, Therefore to remove this problem we wrote deep copy so both objects have their own copy of attributes in a memory.
Python Tutorial: Shallow and Deep Copy.
Next Chapter: Functions. Shallow and Deep Copy. As we have seen in the chapter Data" Types and Variables, Python has a strange behaviour in comparison with other programming languages when assigning and copying simple data types like integers and strings.
Object copying Wikipedia.
In more complex cases, some fields in a copy should have shared values with the original object as in a shallow copy, corresponding to an association" relationship; and some fields should have copies as in a deep copy, corresponding to an aggregation" relationship.
deep copy Wiktionary.
deep copy plural deep copies. computing A copy of a data structure duplicating not only the structure itself, but all structures to which it is linked. Don't' try to make a deep copy of that: you'll' pull in half the database. Wörterbuch: deep copy: Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung.
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Objektkopie Wikipedia.
einer tiefen Kopie deep copy, bei der sämtliche Attribute tatsächlich ihrerseits tief kopiert werden. Eine lazy copy garantiert gleichsam einer tiefen Kopie, dass sich Änderungen an Attributen nicht auf das kopierte Objekt auswirken, tatsächliche Kopien der Attribute finden jedoch nur bei Bedarf statt.
Deep vs. Shallow copying.
When creating copies of arrays or objects one can make a deep copy or a shallow copy. This explanation uses arrays. Recall array variables in Java are references some folks say pointers, but there are differences between references and points.
GitHub myclabs/DeepCopy: Create deep copies clones of your objects.
use DeepCopyDeepCopy; copier new DeepCopy true; copy copier copy var.; You may want to roll your own deep copy function.: namespace Acme; use DeepCopyDeepCopy; function deep_copy var static copier null; if null copier copier new DeepCopy true; return copier copy var.;
What is Deep Copy? Definition from Techopedia.
Deep copy is intended to copy all the elements of an object, which include directly referenced elements of value type and the indirectly referenced elements of a reference type that holds a reference pointer to a memory location that contains data rather than containing the data itself.

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