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a copy or copies!
1 05-Jan-2011, 2154.: a copy or copies! When you send 5 letters each having three pages to someone in PDF, how do you say that in an email.: send you a copy of 5 letters or send you copies of 5 letters?
copy Definition of copy in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
examinees will not be allowed to take pens, copies, or water bottles inside the test centre. you need a stock of exercise copies, A4 refill pads, and maths copies. verb copied, copying, copies. 1 Make a similar or identical version of; reproduce.
plural de copy copy writer WordReference Forums.
I wonder how you make the plural of copy when meaning copywriter redactor publicitario: copys or copies? In Spain, professionals of Marketing and Publicity use regularly the English short form of copywriter, copy, instead of redactor publicitario, and they make the plural copys, not copies; is that correct?
Copy Or Copies?
Celebrating 17 Years. Copy Or Copies? Forums Linguistics Discussion. Which of the following is correct if I want to say I'm' sending one copy of the letter and one copy of my driving licence: 1. I enclose a copy of the letter dated 3rd May 2005 and my driving license for your reference.
Copy Define Copy at
the words used to present a promotional message in an advertisement. journalism, informal suitable material for an article or story: disasters are always good copy. archaic a model to be copied, esp an example of penmanship. verb copies, copying, copied.
English verb copy conjugated.
Copy Definition of Copy by Merriam-Webster.
megan garber, The Atlantic, Mars" and Venus in the Workplace, Reviewed, 22 Dec. As of its 50th anniversary in 2012, Wrinkle had sold more than 10 million copies worldwide., A" Wrinkle in Time, 19 Dec. If your idea of holiday cheer is an evening at the fireside with a copy of Hercule Poirots Christmas or L.A.
Copies definition of copies by The Free Dictionary.
duplicate, reduplicate, repeat, replicate, double make or do or perform again; He" could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick." copy make a replica of; copy" that drawing" re-create" a picture by Rembrandt." manifold make multiple copies of; multiply" a letter."

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