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copy that? Deutsch Übersetzung Englisch Beispiele Reverso Context.
that you want to copy 129. that copy 94. that a copy 67. that you copy 58. that the copy 53. Clem, do you copy that? hast du das verstanden?" CTU, did you copy that? CTU, habt ihr das Verstanden?"
copy that Deutsch Übersetzung Englisch Beispiele Reverso Context.
that you want to copy 129. that copy 94. that a copy 67. that you copy 58. that the copy 53. Roger, copy that, target secure. Roger, verstanden, Ziel gesichert., All right, copy that. I'll' check back in 30 minutes.
Copy Wikipedia.
Copy steht für.: Copyschrift, eine Schriftart in der Typographie. Copy-Element, ein wiederverwendbarer Programmteil in der Programmierung. Copy Paste, ein Verfahren zur Reproduktion von Text oder andere Daten in der EDV. Copy, ein Shell-Kommando in der EDV. den Fließtext bei Werbetexten.
copy that German translation Linguee.
Examining Division assumes responsibil it y, that a copy r e fe rred to in Rule 141, paragraph 1, has not been filed by the applicant and is not deemed to be duly filed under Rule 141, paragraph 2, it shall invite the applicant to file, within a period of two months, t h e copy o r a state me n t that t h e results of the search referred.
Copy that. auf Deutsch Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch Glosbe.
en 57 It follows from all of the foregoing that Article 4a and c and Article 51 and 2 of Directive 91/250 must be interpreted as meaning that, although the initial acquirer of a copy of a computer program accompanied by an unlimited user licence is entitled to resell that copy and his licence to a new acquirer, he may not, however, in the case where the original material medium of the copy that was initially delivered to him has been damaged, destroyed or lost, provide his back-up copy of that program to that new acquirer without the authorisation of the rightholder.
Copy that Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch.
A 2010-09-23: A RezeNsionsexemplar" is a free c. A 2010-03-08: Copy that Sag's' weiter. A 2005-05-06: Do you copy? I copy that empfange. Im Forum nach Copy that suchen. Im Forum nach Copy that fragen. copy sb.'s' words. copy sb.'s' work.
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Complete application form Valid passport and copy Valid visa for employment 2 recent biometric photographs Rent contract and copy Employment contract and copy Job description and copy Proof that living expenses are covered and copies Health insurance certificate and copy except USA, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland Renewal.:
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