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cp dir
cp Unix Wikipedia.
If the prog.bak file does not already exist, the cp command creates it. If it does exist, the cp command replaces its contents with the contents of the prog.c file. Copy two files in the current directory into another directory.:
How to copy a directory or folder.
Additional information about this command and other examples can also be found in the above cp link. cp r /home/hope/files/ /home/hope/backup. In the above example, the cp command would copy all files, directories, and subdirectories in the /home/hope/files directory to the /home/hope/backup directory.
Copy an Entire Directory in Linux.
In programming recursive means anything which calls itself. In this case you are telling cp to call cp sourcepath/curdir/ destpath/curdir/ on each directory. March 6th, 2008 at 2206: 23. Saved me a trip to the man page As others have said, you are the top result for googling cp directories linux.
command line how do you copy a directory and its contents to a new location under a new directory name? Ask Ubuntu.
While this does explain how to copy all files from your current dir to another dir, it doesn't' fully answer OPs question on how to copy a dir and its contents to a different name dir. There are shorter commands such as cp r which will take care of creating a new directory and copying all files into it GroundZero Nov 3 16 at 1328.:
Linux: HowTo Copy a Folder Command Line Option nixCraft.
cp source destination cp dir1 dir2 cp option source destination cp option1 option2 source destination. In this example copy /home/vivek/letters folder and all its files to /usb/backup directory.: cp avr / home / vivek / letters / usb / backup.
IBM Knowledge Center.
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How to copy Entire Directory in Linux.
By mkyong July 20, 2008 Updated: August 30, 2012 Viewed: 88938, times 157 pv/w. Command is simple, here i provide two samples to show how to copy entire directory in linux. cp r sourcedir targetdir. 1 Copy anything from current directory to /usr/local/download. cp r /usr/local/download.
bash Copy a directory on Unix Super User.
While the cp R answers are right BTW the case of the flag on BSD must be capital, both are supported on linux, there is an old incantation involving tar.: cd DIR; tar xf. Why the heck would you do that?

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