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The copier of claim 3 wherein when said copy output is so switched to said sorter by said control means, said copy output is individually fed to a number of said plural bins of said sorter corresponding to said copy count in said copy count control means.
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Received Pronunciation IPA key: /kpiz/. plural of copy. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of copy. second-person singular present indicative of copiar. second-person singular present subjunctive of copiar. second-person singular present indicative form of copiar. second-person singular present indicative of copier.
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copy, Plural: copies. IPA: Hörbeispiele: copy US-amerikanisch Info, Plural: copies US-amerikanisch Info. 1 Nachbildung eines Bildes oder eines Textes; Kopie. 1 It's' a copy of a picasso painting. Es ist eine Kopie eines Werkes von Picasso. author's' copy Übersetzungen Bearbeiten.
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more examples hide examples Example sentences Hide examples. see also carbon copy, hard copy. count: one of the many books, magazines, albums, DVDs, etc, that are exactly the same and are produced to be sold or given to the public.
What is the plural of copy?
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Origin of copy Expand. 1300-50; Middle English copie Anglo-French Medieval Latin cpia abundance, something copied, Latin: wealth, abundance; see copious; def 18 originally a children's' game, from the phrase copy the leader. Related forms Expand. precopy, noun, plural precopies, verb used with object, precopied, precopying.
copy Wiktionary.
From Middle English copy, copie, from Old French copie abundance, plenty; transcript, copy, from Medieval Latin copia reproduction, transcript, from Latin cpia plenty, abundance, from coopia, from co together ops wealth, riches. More at opulent. Received Pronunciation IPA key: /kpi/. General American IPA key: /kpi/. copy plural copies.

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